Version Histories

Version history is now recorded on the FYM Wiki

V5.10.11 – 16 October 2021

Fix rare bug in “miles travelled” calculation when sending a train to Local Delivery
Prevent train history corruption when a train name contains a “#” symbol

V5.10.10 – 7 September 2021

Fix bug allowing new players to download trains for other players.

V5.10.9 – 5 September 2021

Changes to allow addition of new tutorials to FYM more easily.

V5.10.8 – 30 May 2021

Fix various bugs with special roadrailer behaviour.

V5.10.7 – 16 January 2021

Fix some occasional errors related to graphics encountered by some players.

V5.10.6 – 4 January 2021

Fix for error when riding train between maps.

V5.10.5 – 3 January 2021

Improve handling of situation where control of graphics card is lost to another program.
Further fix for List All form.
Attempted fix to occasional errors related to yard monitor files.

V5.10.4 – 23 December 2020

Further fixes in List All form.
Fix error when TSAR database has over 200 train types (in particular, the Shortline TSAR).

V5.10.3 – 28 November 2020

Set Sorts form now remembers last selected tab (again).
The List All form will now highlight and select trains, locomotives, or cars in the map as appropriate when they are selected. You can finally find those lost locomotives!
Improve display of List All form.
Fix error on opening List All form.
Revert graphics change which reduced performance for some players.

V5.10.2 – 14 November 2020

Fix error relating to train file names.

V5.10.1 – 14 November 2020

Handle corrupted connection maps more gracefully, removing the bad file and prompting the user to download again.
Selecting an item in “My Maps” will reset the map filter if required.
On failure to save map data, FYM will retry a handful of times. This may help with overactive antivirus software and similar.
Make some commonly used forms (TSAR selection, custom sorts) non-modal.
Reduce CPU use of FYM.
Fix error on trying to “Bye” to exit 1 on maps without an Exit 1; trains will now be sent to the first available exit.
Fix some car types being incorrectly excluded from the Default Loads form for unnumbered sidings.

V5.10.0 – 7 November 2020

Fix bug causing server yard backups to not be created.
Fix turntables in the situation where the turntable has been moved by a map revision.
Fix occasional error on file upload/download due to multiple simultaneous accesses to the log file.
Fix reordering of sort filters causing cars to be humped incorrectly.
Write log files out to a dedicated directory, with a unique log file for each run. Logs are deleted after 30 days.
Minor improvements to yard data recovery window.

V5.10.0 Beta 3 – 14 October 2020

Fix bug which could cause FYM to no longer display cars in one train after another entered the map.

V5.10.0 Beta 2 – 8 October 2020

Reset map filter when selecting an unlisted map.
Remove unused train monitoring code, which affected FYM performance for some players.
Improve robustness of train/car data formats within FYM, which occasionally caused errors when trains entered/left maps.
Fix “Goto Map” button occasionally attempting to bring the last train into the map again.
Fix errors related to uploaded files.
Fix various file operations which could leave files open, causing problems later.

V5.10.0 Beta 1 – 3 September 2020

Allow switched roads to be reordered, using new up/down buttons.
Allow custom sorts (hotkey 9) to be reordered, using new up/down buttons.
TSAR recovery now displays the most recent entries first.
TSAR recovery entries are cleared when a different map is opened.
TSAR recovery entries are now only created if one of the trains being coupled has locomotives.
TSAR recovery entries no longer include duplicates.
If two trains with locomotives are coupled, and subsequently uncoupled at the same point they were coupled, FYM will restore the original symbols to both halves.
If a specific car load is no longer defined, FYM will fall back on the default.
In inbound trains window, display trains saved in place (.tr1) at the top.
Add new “find map” feature to Maps and Trains, above the map list.
Display siding numbers for all U/L tracks where FYM has assigned one internally, not just those with a label.
Fix error when map closes due to un/load error timeout.
Fix child maps not being considered as downloaded despite the parent map being downloaded.
Fix “follow” being disabled when another, un-followed train left the map.
Fix for errors with very, very old history entries (FYM ignores them now).
Fix Maps and Trains window often selecting a different map when exiting from one.
Fix intermittent errors related to mismatched data when a train has just left the map, or when IM cranes are being created.
Fix calculation of distance travelled between maps when moving from a child ID – distance was previously always calculated from the parent ID.
Fix chat messages saying a train is arriving from “Local Industry” when moving from parent to child ID.
Fix MIM IDs being incorrectly assigned to sidings if track start coordinate was in line with a MIM polygon coordinate.

V5.9.17 – 14 May 2020

Fix error on setting filter for cars with unassigned destination.
Make graphics code even more robust.

V5.9.13-16 – 13 May 2020

Hotfix for errors on closing map in v5.9.12.

V5.9.12 – 13 May 2020

Fix occasional error caused by trying to display text before graphics engine is ready.
Fix chat notifications not clearing when map is minimised.
Handle some train file errors better in Inbound Trains window.
Fix map update notifications not triggering correctly.
Fix bug in saving train data if “Pause while train information window is open” is not set.
Fix incorrect query about already downloaded maps for maps which are not, in fact, downloaded.

V5.9.11 – 4 May 2020

Fix cars being un/loadable at any speed.
Fix error when setting up default IM/Autorack/Roadrailer filters.
Fix ability to set loaded IM cars to any destination in some cases.

V5.9.10 – 3 May 2020

Fix display of Available yards in YM Control

V5.9.9 – 3 May 2020

Store trains being transferred to/from server in a permanent directory, not a temporary one. If FYM finds any trains in this directory on startup, you will be notified, as this could indicate an upload or download failure.
Add extra colors for identifying MIM children in various places (12, rather than 5).
Add extra on-screen instructions when setting up hump tracks.
Add vertical scrollbars for train notes in several places.
Add “Jump view to train” tickbox on train exit window if the next exit is on the same map.
Slightly reduce length of chat messages for trains.
Improve speed of map data save/load, and improve redundancy in case of a failed save.
Internal changes to configuration file formats to make map updates easier.
Fix forum link not working correctly.
Fix error if number of MIM children was too high in train entry form.
Fix typo in .wag file formatting (DestimationID).
Fix car destinations not being validated correctly when trains enter map.
Fix cars not checking that they were on the correct MIM before loading/unloading.
Fix occasional invalid exit selection on inbound trains form, and add clearer feedback in case of invalid selections for inbound trains.
Fix occasional error when using turntable, caused by FYM not properly remembering which train was involved.
Fix “Old” filter on Maps and Trains not matching up correctly with trains displayed as old (yellow background).
Fix rare bug in MIM handling code that could result in a siding not being associated with the correct MIM.
Fix rounding error that could result in unexpected coupling behaviour.

V5.9.8 – 29 March 2020

Improve map load/save performance, and reduce ‘stuttering’ behaviour.
Give user better visual feedback once a message has been sent via the ingame messaging system.
Always jump view to train when ‘Ride to Next Map’ is selected.
Make Intermodal cars more likely to choose destinations on their home railroad, better representing real-life freight flows.
Fix ability to select Tutorial TSAR type (with subsequent error) when it should not be selectable.
Fix handling of mismatched turntable data between current version of map and saved in-map data.
Fix turntables stopping rotation when train enters map, an autosave occurs, or map is exited.
Fix ‘H’ hotkey (set car destination to here) incorrectly assigning to previous destination in some cases.
Fix possibility of typing in an invalid exit for a train to enter via.
Fix rare circumstance in which cars would not be correctly coupled up when a train/map is loaded.
Fix some data not updating in Car History screen when cycling between different cars.
Fix some cases where FYM would silently accept invalid (duplicate) configuration data.
Fix some links to website.
Fix error when FYM encountered a car with no weight stored.

V5.9.7 – 15 February 2020

Add “Jump view to train” tickbox on inbound trains form – untick to keep the view unchanged.
Add dedicated tutorial train TSAR database, rather than using hard-coded tutorial trains.
Improve handling of yard data where track is connected to the same section twice.
Improve handling of user pressing “Transfer Trains” (or similar) twice in close succession.
Prevent off-map cars from being selectable by clicking.
Fix off-map cars being visible when “show hidden tracks” (Ctrl-V) is enabled.
Fix renumbering of articulated cars corrupting articulation data.
Fix error for TSAR recovery form if a train without a TSAR is found.
Fix error with “Ride to Next Map” on multi-identity maps.
Fix error in WAG recovery.
Fix error in yard/state/car colour setup.
Possibly fix occasional bad behaviour on coupling cars, often seen near switches.

V5.9.6 – 28 January 2020

Fix interchange TSARs not working.
Add explicit timeouts for FTP behaviour.

V5.9.5 – 25 January 2020

Handle unexpected errors in file upload (e.g. file already in use) more gracefully.
Fix display of HP/T on train exiting map.
Fix blocks being saved in reverse order depending on orientation of train.
Fix blocks from different trains being combined on coupling (pickup/setout).
Improve logic for displaying “terminates here” and messages on trains entering maps.
If a Map ID targeted by a message has at least one associated exit, and the train is not entering through one of those exit, the message is ignored.
If a Map ID has no associated exit, FYM unconditionally displays the message.
Fix error in train information when selecting multiple Long Ore Hoppers.
Handle partially missing colour filter files.
Fix error in TSAR recovery when a train symbol without a TSAR is recorded.
Fix FYM allowing trains to enter through exits that do not exist as long as the engineer insists hard enough.
Fix trains being selected and blocking switches in Switched Road setup, despite not being visible
Holding the Shift key will now tell FYM to ignore trains under the mouse when selecting objects. If you are unable to select a switch due to an adjacent train, try holding down Shift.
Note that this is different to Ctrl-Click, which forces a clicked switch to change, even if a train is on it!

V5.9.4 – 13 January 2020

Fix error when yard monitor entries exist for Map ID 0.
Fix display of connection maps on large screens.
Fix switched road data not updating switch IDs correctly after yard modifications.
Fix error when removing trains from map when Exit 1 does not exist.

V5.9.3 – 10 January 2020

Fix error when interchange TSAR no longer exists
Fix bad order history entries recording incorrect yard
Fix block car counts and block IDs on inbound trains being offset

V5.9.2 – 7 January 2020

Fix locos using fuel when DIT or damaged.
Fix further error related to cabooses.
Fix error in hotbox speech generation if a high-numbered car is bad order.
Fix error in opening updated maps in some cases when map has not been opened in V5.9.
Fix error opening Yard Monitor if data exists for a map that no longer exists.
Fix error in Switched Road recording.
Fix error when turntable rotated without any locomotive on it.
Fix garbage wells being treated like intermodal wells in some cases.
Fix error when using CRS, and odd behaviour when setting up CRS.
Make CRS select “My Maps” by default.

V5.9.1 – 5 January 2020

Fix error on creation of cars in map.
Fix error on selecting “Use All” in car marks setup screen.
Fix unending series of error messages when train information form closes but train has been modified since it opened.
Fix error on filtering Map List by railroad.
Fix tutorial train failing to download.
Fix rare FTP failures caused by FYM trying to do two things at once.
Fix yard download and update failing to remove trains on edited track correctly.
Fix TSAR notes not displaying on inbound trains form.

V5.9.0 – 4 January 2020

Fix Turn button not actually doing anything on inbound trains form.
Fix error in distance calculation, particularly affecting north-south distances.
Fix error in tutorial train TSAR data.
Fix incorrect loading of old .tr1 files in some cases.

V5.9.0 Beta 5 – 1 January 2020

Fix count of cars for current yard being incorrect in inbound trains form.
Fix Turn button not being enabled in inbound trains form.
Fix error when only one axle of a car was on an edited section of track after a map update.
Fix error in some cases when car data is not quite correct.
Prevent FYM from trying to hump the rearmost car in a train, with strange results.
Add extra logging for FTP.

V5.9.0 Beta 4 – 31 December 2019

Fix error on loading trains containing old, invalid block data.
Fix error on bringing in train with caboose leading.
Fix error on downloading maps.

V5.9.0 Beta 3 – 31 December 2019

Fix error on viewing some tr1 files.
Fix internal file format for car mark files (unused field was required in file data).
Fix prompt for redownloading maps appearing only for maps which weren’t downloaded.
Fix handling of old .tr1 files.
Fix newly created trains being incorrectly restricted to only certain exits.
Fix car destinations not being reset if destination cannot accept them any more.
Fix cars with invalid destinations being permitted to load/unload in some cases.
Fix train list filters not applying until the List button was pressed.
Several improvements to FTP reliability.
Add additional validation of cars on loading map to check both axles are moving in the same direction.
Improve block definition handling in trains. Changes include:
Blocks should now handle switching activity far more reliably than before.
Blocks are now numbered automatically from the front of the train – inserting a new one at the front will cause it to become block 1.
Blocks that are split up by the creation of a new block, or the addition of intermediate cars, will be automatically split into two blocks.
Adjacent blocks with identical destination and description will be merged (excluding blocks without an assigned destination).
Blocks can now be assigned more freely, with FYM splitting and merging adjacent blocks as necessary.
An unlimited number of blocks are now permitted (although it’s doubtful anyone ever hit the existing limit anyway!).

V5.9.0 Beta 2 – 27 December 2019

Fix filtering of yards in YM Control being offset by one type.
Fix error on opening Map List form.
Fix to coupling resulting in cars in a single train moving in two directions under rare circumstances.
Fix buttons in train information window not being visible on lower resolutions.
Fix error on right clicking below the last car in the train information window.
Fix empty cars being loaded incorrectly checking whether their billed destination can load them, rather than unload them, and hence ignoring the bill.
Train information window to always display the route tab, rather than sometimes selecting the blocks tab (unintended change many versions ago).
Chat will now accept “@Username”, “*Username”, and “Username*” as ways to send a message to a specific player.
Double clicking on a username in the chat window will auto-generate “@Username” in the chat box.
Default car marks files will be updated when a new list is available from the server.
Existing car marks files will be copied to a backup directory.
Any car types which are set to use user-defined car marks files will still use those files.
Add asynchronous FTP transfers for trains and getting new list of trains. New behaviour includes:
When uploading or downloading trains, the progress bar will be indefinite until the first transfer is successful, and will then update after each upload.
When the server list is refreshing, a spinning icon will display.
When any of these actions are ongoing, no new transfer or server list request will be accepted.
The server list will update automatically every five minutes.

Release V5.9.0 Beta 1 – 20 December 2019

Rewrite internal processing of TSARs.
Rewrite internal processing of yard data.
Rewrite internal processing of trains, both within and outside of maps. This should hopefully attend to a number of longstanding train corruption bugs.
Add series of new splash screens for FYM.
Fix display of maps on very large screens.
Fix “Clear” button for blocks in Train Information window not working.
Train Exit Form buttons are now coloured to indicate if the selected connection is to the next in the route, and/or another exit on the current map (so Ride Train to Map is likely desired).
Allow custom sorts (filter ‘9’) to allow any car type when filtering by car/yard/load/siding, so e.g. “all cars for Siding 2” can be configured.
Save map when closing FYM entirely, rather than only when the map itself is closed.
Allow any exit (including un-connected ones) to be selected for new trains, or those that have been sent to LD.
Fix siding numbers being visible for cars off map.
Cars/locos will how display “bad order”, “low fuel”, or “out of fuel” on mouseover as appropriate.
If a loco/caboose is bad order (damaged), it will now flash red in all displays, to make this problem obvious.
If a loco is flashing due to damage, but it is already red (e.g. CP locomotives), it will now alternate between black and red so that this is actually visible.
Replace FTP implementation with a more modern one designed for speed, giving ~2x the speed in some cases.
Fix chat scroll behaviour being odd when new messages received in some cases.
Fix user being able to type in chat history.
Car history now records unloading and cars being declared bad order, with the reason for bad order being stated.
Allow custom paint schemes on cabooses.
Update icons for TSAR buttons.
Allow unassigned cars to exist in train when sending to local delivery.

Release V5.8.3 – 27 May 2019

Fix error when opening Map > In-MapData > Backup to server.
Fix train downloads being forbidden in some circumstances when they should not have been.
Fix map relinquish requests always being treated as “delayed”, regardless of selected option.
Force loco paint window to always appear in front of train information window.
Disallow custom input in various lists on Set Sorts form and YM Control forms.

Release V 5.8.2 – 7 May 2019

Revert Shift-4 display to treat autoracks as manifest cars.
Fix train upload treating a yard as unoccupied if the YM had placed it “up for sale”.
Fix switched roads treating the first defined switch on the map incorrectly.
Fix Alt-R causing two “New Switched Road” dialogs to appear.
Fix switched road switch ID display using the switch’s X coordinate as the displayed Y coordinate.
Fix messaging system sometimes opening a different message to the intended one.
Fix YM Master not receiving “up for sale” relinquish requests.

Release V 5.8.1 – 29 April 2019

If a hump car is completely unable to find any matching track (e.g. due to no un-locked-out track containing its matched sort or “Other”).
Fix unending series of errors if blank panel in Maps and Trains form is clicked.
Fix Switched Roads not working when map is opened until map had been autosaved.
Fix Switched Roads display leaving a map in a neverending “pause” in some circumstances.
Fix “Pause” indicator not showing in all circumstances (i.e. when the game was paused automatically).
Fix error caused by FYM assuming that all hump tracks will have at least one switch.
Fix error when converting old hump files if a hump crest had no tracks defined.
Fix ‘Follow’ having become much jerkier.
Fix error when opening map that has had its hump removed.

Release V 5.8.0 – 27 April 2019

Changes in this version (including V5.8 Betas):
Hump tracks and car sorts are now entirely separate concepts in FYM:
* A new tab in the custom sort/hump track assignment window (hotkey 9) allows sorts to be assigned dynamically to hump tracks.
* A sort can be assigned to one or more tracks, and a track can be assigned multiple sorts.
* Sorts are now shared across all humps, rather than being defined separately for each hump.
* Different hump track assignments can be saved and loaded, e.g. separate setups for local and long distance traffic.

FYM no longer wipes all data when a map is redownloaded, and attempts to smoothly handle updates as well as incompatible .wag files. Behaviour is as follows:
* If a map is updated, any train on track that is moved or deleted is removed to exit 1.
* If any train is found to be on track that does not exit, it is removed to exit 1.
* Alternatively, if the only alteration to track are car type changes on sidings, siding numbering, etc., FYM will take no action.
* FYM will automatically recognise new or removed switches when loading a map, even if an update was not expected
* If a switch within a hump bowl is removed, the no-longer-valid hump files are reset (and backups saved in server1/yards/backup).
* If a switch within a switched route is removed, it is removed from that route.

Improved Switched Roads functionality:
* It is now possible to edit and delete switched roads.
* It is also now possible to create a new switched road from the switched roads list window.
* Route editing interface now highlights all switches in their set position.
* Route editing interface lists the relevant hotkeys on the screen when active.

New “Sort Display Sets” feature, configurable in the Classification Sorts window (hotkey “9”), which allows the displayed sorts to be configured.
* A sort display set allows you to activate/deactivate the display of defined sorts when using the Shift-3/4/5 filters.
* A sort display set is made active by ticking the “Use this sort display set” box.
* A sort display set can be made to apply only to cars to/from a specific MIM identity of the current map, overriding any other sort display set.
* When multiple sort display sets are active, FYM will use their combination.

For a map with a BNSF sorting yard and a few small UP industries served by a local, the following sort display sets may be useful:
– BNSF set, made “Active” but not applied to a specific ID, defining the blocking for various outbound trains.
– UP set, made “Active” and applied only to the UP map ID, which will be used for local UP cars only (overriding the BNSF set)

For a map with both CSX and NS sorting yards, the following sets may be useful:
– NS set, made “Active” when sorting NS cars.
– CSX set, made “Active” when sorting CSX cars.

Minor improvements to Messaging system:
* Messages are now correctly ordered by date
* Clearer indicating of whether the system is in “read” or “write” mode
* Messaging window no longer locks out other FYM functions

New autorack/intermodal destination database added, allowing TSAR managers to dynamically modify allowed destinations to match TSARs.
IM and Autoracks will now always go unassigned on unloading, and will choose new destinations when loaded.
YM Control now offers the option to mark a yard as available for a new YM without immediately relinquishing it – i.e. the current player will keep running it until a new YM is found.
No longer retain previous load when reloading a car, as this overwrote any “Default Loads” and led to strange sights such as Ford plants loading Toyota pickups.
Train information window now displays UIT locomotives in a different shade of blue.
Train information window shows locos with <500 miles of fuel remaining in yellow, and those out of fuel in red.
Fuel miles are now displayed as remaining miles of fuel by default, with option to return to previous display (miles since last fuel stop).
Old trains (>7 days) are now highlighted in yellow in the Maps and Trains window. This does not apply to local trains that have not been downloaded from the server.
In the Inbound Trains window, trains saved in-map (.tr1 files) have been made more obvious, as they could easily be confused with a train at Exit 1.
Allow cars for any child ID of a map to be sent to local delivery, and allow local delivery via unconnected exits.
Any cars that have somehow made their way outside the bounds of the map will be automatically saved to file (common cause of blocked exits).
When a train cannot be brought into map because of a blocked exit, FYM will jump to the location.
The Control Panel can no longer be moved outside the FYM window, and will move itself back in if it is outside (e.g. window resized).
Resize Classification Sorts window (hotkey “9”) to allow the names of sorts to be listed.
Allow hump track setup to loop back to first hump when using “N” key.
Allow locomotives to be painted both in-map and when saved to file with a map open.
Reduce chance of FYM locking files open when opening maps.
Further fixes to turntable-related bugs.
Fix miles since last fuelling displayed in mouseover text and inbound trains window ignoring option added in Beta 8.
Fix Ctrl-H incorrectly acting on cars with assigned destinations.
Fix Unhandled Exception when creating cars on an overly short siding.
Fix yard notes directory not being created.

Release V 5.7.0 – 9 February 2019

Changes in this version (including V5.7 Beta 1):
Cars/locomotives should no longer become stretched after a long period of work without leaving a map. Some very extended vehicles may need to leave the map for the fix to take effect.
Fix to one axle of a car occasionally becoming stuck at the join between two track sections, resulting in very strange visual effects.
Blocks are now reset when a new TSAR is assigned, or a car is humped.
Fix messages about block setouts occasionally being shown for the wrong train.
Unset car bill when unsetting car destination due to it being invalid.
Fix F6 toggle for sound not working.
Numerous minor fixes to Yard Monitor – column names corrected, MIMs handled correctly, Daily Car Loadings (“Yard Data 2”) page now displays data (rather than a blank page).
Allow creation of all variants of articulated cars on map (1/3/5 wells, 3/5 spines, 1/2 autoracks).
Tighten up checks when moving between maps, particularly cases where the target map hasn’t been downloaded.
Fix bug where cabooses in trains saved in place (.tr1) could not be brought back into map.
Fix bugs allowing trains to drive into the turntable pit in some circumstances.
Give clear, explicit errors if a train is on a nonexistent piece of track, or a switch in the saved map data is invalid. FYM will now refuse to open a map, or run a train, in such cases.
If an unhandled exception is raised when in map, FYM will not save the map when it is closed, as something bad has likely occurred.
All website links within FYM now use the current web address (

Release V 5.6.2 – 12 January 2019

Fixes “Transfer Trains” trying to upload zero files.

Release V 5.6.1 – 12 January 2019

Fixes “Transfer Trains” failing to upload all trains for other players.

Release V 5.6.0 – 12 January 2019

New options: Mainline trains (>40mph) enter maps at 60mph (default off); Minimize pauses game (default on); Display train blocks automatically (default on).
Add display of railroads serving IM terminals in Maps and Trains window and in additional places in Train Information window.
Markers indicating occupied tracks when trying to bring train into map or set switched route (new feature) now flash to make them more obvious, and show all affected sections, rather than just one.
Improvements to reliability of pausing, in particular cases where performing some actions could result in FYM unpausing despite being manually paused.
Pause icon in control panel now takes priority over Auto Hump icon.
IM/Autorack/Roadrailer block filter setup (Ctrl-I, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-R) improved in various ways, including not losing position after each change, and copy-paste being easier to understand.
“B” ends of articulated cars are now always given a full reporting mark (e.g. “ABCD 12345 B”), rather than just for 5-car units.
Open connection map is now re-loaded if it is downloaded again.
Car destinations are now checked for validity whenever a map is opened, and set to Unassigned if the destination is invalid (e.g. destination map revised or replaced).
Autohump and switched routes are now prevented from changing switches underneath cars. Humped cars will continue without changing the relevant switch.
Improvements to detection of humped cars passing final switch in route.
Performance improvements to Train Information window (especially when many cars selected) and TSAR window (opening time reduced).
Blocks defined in the Train Information window now react much more intelligently to coupling/uncoupling of trains:
– When a train is uncoupled, cars remain correctly assigned to their original block in each half.
– If two parts of a train with the same block data (identical order of block destinations) are coupled and the cars are in order, the blocks are preserved and combined as appropriate.
– If two parts are recoupled but the cars are not in order (e.g. assigned to blocks 1-2-3-2-2-2), the largest cut of cars for each block is preserved.
– If trains with different block data are coupled, the block data is chosen using the same rules as train name, TSAR ID, etc..
– Blocks which have been set out are identified in the Train Information window listing in brown.
It is now possible to modify or clear the block a car is assigned to in the Train Information window, and to add additional cars to a block.
Increase block car limits column so that car counts in the hundreds fit.
Populate yard selection and block notes when an existing block is selected.
Restrict downloading of trains for other players (other than ‘Old’ train files) to experienced FYM players only.
Bug fix: Various further issues with Tutorial train handling (particularly it being uploadable).
Bug fix: Humped cars accelerating when brakes were applied (either by the player or FYM itself).
Bug fix: Invalid car siding assignments caused errors.
Bug fix: Unexpected Error when using turntables.
Bug fix: YM Control window can no longer be opened multiple times.
Bug fix: TSAR notes were not displayed for the initially selected train on the Inbound Trains Form (Ctrl-Z).
Bug fix: Encoded block data would become visible on pressing “Turn” button on the Inbound Trains Form (Ctrl-Z).

Release V 5.5.7 – 13 November 2018

Various fixes to newbie login procedure and tutorial train download.
Fix error when trying to “Bye” trains at a map where Exit 1 is not connected.

Release V 5.5.6 – 9 November 2018

Maps and Trains window now attempts to keep the same train selected after refeshing, or failing that, the same yard.
Maps and Trains window now selects the relevant train after creating a new one.
Map is not reloaded when moving between exits in a multi-panel map.
Using “Goto Map” in the exit selection window (either “E” or by clicking on an exit) centers the screen on the connected exit.
When clicking near exits, trains now take priority over the exit track section.
Mouse selection generally made more robust and predictable, specifically by:
1) Mouse selection now always finds the closest item, rather than the first item within the search radius.
2) Mouse selection now uses the true distance between the mouse and any part of a car, siding, etc., rather than a square bounding box approach.
Minor improvements to FYM graphics rendering efficiency.
Restore previous behaviour of FYM regarding “special” tracks (e.g. repair) that are set to (un)load cars (i.e. it ignores the unload setting).
Bux fix: Fix cars on hidden track being visible whenever a map is opened, or after an autosave.
Bug fix: Speed multiplier is now reset when moving between maps following a train.
Bug fix: Cars outside an exit no longer display, including when map is opened or a .tr1 is brought into map.
Bug fix: Cars no longer flash when entering through an exit.
Bug fix: Cars completely outside an exit can no longer be selected by hovering over them.
Bug fix: Various fixes to turntables.
Bug fix: Clicking anywhere within a map with no sidings no longer causes an error.
Bug fix: Link to tutorial now works again.
Bug fix: Loaded cars now correctly record their origin.
New option: Selecting a map from “My Maps” opens that map instantly (default no; previously always yes).
New option: Creating a train in the Maps and Trains window opens the Train Information window for that train (default yes; previously always no).
New option: Display gray background behind chat (default no). “Y” key setting now persists.
New option: Display common switch leg (default no). “Q” key now persists.
New option: Use manual (un)loading of cars using Ctrl-L (default no). “Alt-ScrLk” now persists.
New option: Show siding numbers for all filters, not just filter 5 (default no).
New option: Car selection radius (default 5px).
New option: Switch selection radius (default 12px).

Release V 5.5.5 – 25 October 2018

Correct coloring of of LD-only exits to light blue, rather than no color.
Add automatic removal to Exit 1 of trains saved to invalid locations in a map.
Fix rare overflow error in Extract Trains window (related to the issue above).
Allow cars to pass on ferry between Prince Rupert and Whittier without a locomotive.
Restore map labels to original positions.

Release V 5.5.4 – 24 October 2018

Fix conversion of options file data for players with comma decimal points.
Fix poor error handling when unzipping train files.
Fix ordering of exits in exit list (“E” button).
Fix map labels displaying above the map control panel.

Release V 5.5.3 – 23 October 2018

Fix automatic backup of yard files.
Display warning message to unregistered players attempting to apply for yards.
Some improvements to FTP error handling (more to come!).
Significant internal changes to FYMOptions.ini (more options can now be added easily) and to Track code within maps.
Fix data unexpectedly being copied to clipboard when opening map.

Release V 5.5.2 – 2 October 2018

Change FYM over to new, self-hosted hosting solution.
Reported HP/T now excludes the weight of locomotives, mirroring how it is calculated by the railroads. This mainly affects priority IM and other similar high HP/T trains.
Fix chat continuing to jump to bottom with new messages when scrolled up, despite claim that it should no longer do so.
Chat input box is now selected automatically when FYM opens.
Ctrl-9 now toggles the display of white lines on empty cars. Option is reset when a new map is opened.
Fix edge case where FYM would sometimes throw an error when quitting, due to accessing textures that had already been removed from memory.
Restore error message when FTP server is unreachable.
FYM will now attempt to connect to chat even if the FTP server could not be reached.
Add log file output for FYM, writing to FYMLog.txt in the FYM install directory.

Release V 5.5.1 – 20 September 2018

Fixes a bug where new players would incorrectly be told they had started in Offline mode.
“Relinquish” button in YM Control is now active in all modes, not just “My Yards”, and will show an error if you attempt to relinquish a yard that isn’t yours.
Several minor improvements/fixes to display of maps without a YM (following change to show “None”).

Release V 5.5.0 – 15 September 2018

New chat. The look and feel and several features are retained from the old chat, but with these differences:

  • Chat window is resizable
  • Links in chat text are now clickable
  • Messages are now shown when players log off as well as log on
  • Chat will attempt to re-connect in case connection is lost

There is now an installer to use for FYM fresh installs and updates: no more manual file manipulations necessary.
File transfer code (FTP) re-worked. Most previous options have been eliminated; the following run-time flags no longer function:
“D/L my trains” is now “Transfer Trains”: it also uploads trains you have run and are awaiting posting to another YM.
The trains on the server that “Transfer Trains” and “List” identifies as yours now include those posted to maps you YM, even if they are not posted to you.
The filtering options on the Maps and Trains form now operate without refreshing the server list.
Railroad colors now available for all shortlines, visible in the 6 filter (fixes a longstanding bug).
New splash screen, image courtesy of Snuffy.
Increased braking rate on light engines.
Upgrades to the Map List window: RRs alphabetized and child IDs are handled properly.
The 7 filter (state-RR) has been removed.
The Greenville NJ – Maspeth NY ferry now allows car movement with no engines.
Re-enabled crash sound (but not its original effects) for couplings exceeding 20mph.
Maps without a YM will now show “None”, rather than the names of the primary railroad.

Release V 5.042 – 20 July 2018

Move buttons on Train Information window up from bottom of form, fixing previous change that made them hard to find on small screens.
Set minimum physics simulation rate for FYM, preventing very long timesteps that are linked to “sticky” trains.
Fix Messaging system button not reverting to green after reading new messages.
Fix error message when using Shift-3 filter without an “Other” block defined.

Release V 5.041 – 14 July 2018

Fix date compatibility error in new messaging system (European players disagree with US players about how dates are formatted).
Fix file naming issue on conversion of old Big Ernie messages.
Suppress message regarding default loads file changes, as these are now non-destructive, and were a rather confusing message to many players.

Release V 5.04 – 14 July 2018

Improved train physics, notably improved drifting.
Revised user interface for Yard, State, and Railroad colors setup.
Revised user interface in the Create/Edit Car Marks window.
Replaced Big Ernie with a new messaging system.
Adjustable time compression. By default, FYM runs at 2x real time. This can be changed:
— Ctrl-9: Display current time compression
— Ctrl-0: Toggle time compression setting – available settings are 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x.
— Speeds faster than 2x are reset when opening a new map.
In the Train Information Form, intermodal cars now display the RR of the intermodal terminal.
Trains can now be “Bye”d from maps that need updating
Pressing “B” when the throttle is at 0 increases the brake by one notch. Pressing “V” will release any brakes.
Pressing “Z” will now increase train speed above 40mph if on mainline track.
Add ability to set default loads for unnumbered sidings (e.g. coal mines, autoracks) in the Set Default Loads window (Alt-M).
Default load settings are now retained when a map is updated.
Added links to online Train/Loco finders in the FYM menu.
Corrected error in the display of equipment, making all cars approximately 9% too long, resulting in trains not fitting on tracks where they should.
Changed car filter 6 and Shift-6 to display destination RR on mouse rollover.
Shift-3 filter now updates correctly when the hump/block setup is modified, or when a car’s state changes (e.g. load/unload, repair).
Added description of map categories to YM Control Window.
Renamed “OAF” buttons to “Old”. “Old” is now defined as trains on the server beyond 7 days (was 10).
Trains recovered from backups are no longer deleted from the backup archive.
Fixed longstanding bugs in TSARs affecting turns and interchange symbols.
Added “Flip Train” button in Train Information Window, which can be used if the train is being displayed in reverse.
Improved reliability of “Ride to next map” button on exiting trains.
Fixed error in “Change Source” button (Train Information Form).
Fixed bug where covered hoppers were created instead of roadrailers.
Fixed siding numbers not being assigned to all cars.
Fixed bugs related to setting car marks.
Fixed occasional error message when pressing “Set to Bill” or “Set to Empty”.
Fixed various errors when trying to open List All window.
Various small edits to improve error messages, window behaviour, file operations, backups, and so on.
Fix bug in Beta 6 when using Shift-3 filter in a hump yard without the hump being set up.

Release V 5.04 Beta 6 – 04 July 2018

Fix to hump/block colour filters for empty cars and for multiple humps.

Release V 5.04 Beta 5 – 29 June 2018

Fix various bugs related to Shift-3 filter updates.
Fix various minor bugs in new messaging system (and add better compatibility with old Big E).
Add “Flip Train” button in Train Information Window.
Improve reliability of “Ride to next map” option on exiting trains.
Humped cars now remember which hump they went over, and apply the relevant filter.
Fix UE when opening “List All” window.

Release V 5.04 Beta 4 – 23 June 2018

Created new in-game message system to replace Big Ernie
Monitors / Train Finder is now available from the top bar menu
Fixed longstanding error in displayed length of equipment so that everything is now 9% shorter and matches map scale
Changed numpad-2, -3, and -6 filters to display location of last un/load change (was formerly location of last load)
Changed 6 and numpad-6 filters to display RR of detination on mouse rollover
Changed shift-3 filter to update for all relevant car desinations changes instead of only a select few kinds of changes
Redesigned YM Control Window to explain map categories
Changed “OAF” checkbox to “Old” and changed definition of “Old” trains to 7 days (was 10)
Trains recovered from backup are no longer deleted from the backup archive
Fixed some longstanding tsars bugs that prevented turns and interchange sybmols from functioning correctly
When the brakes are set, “V” hotkey releases them fully
“Z” hotkey now accelerates up to 60 mph
Many small edits to refine error messages, window behavior, file operations and backups, etc.

Release V 5.04 Beta 3 – 19 May 2018

Fixed (another) bug in default load settings

Release V 5.04 Beta 2 – 19 May 2018

Fixed bug in default load settings

Release V 5.04 Beta 1 – 19 May 2018

Fixed error in “Change Source” button (Train Information Form)
Fixed bug that created covered hoppers instead of roadrailers
Fixed siding numbers not being assigned to all cars when valid sidings exist
Fixed several errors related to setting car marks
Fixed occasional error when pressing “Set to Bill” or “Set to Empty”
Fixed error in List All when Bad Order locomotives were present in yard
Multiple train physics upgrades, including improved drifting
Revised user interface in Yard, State, and Railroad Colors to be more intuitive
New feature: custom train speeds. Default FYM train speeds on the map are double the speed reported. You can now adjust this:
–ctrl-9: view current speed multiplier
–ctrl-0: toggle speed multiplier from 1 to 5
–speeds faster than 2 will be reset to 2 when you open a new map
In the Train Information Form, intermodal cars now display the RR affiliation of the IM terminal
Bye trains now functions if a map needs updating
Improved user interface in the FYM Create/Edit Cark Marks window
Pressing B or V when throttle is at 0 now increases or decreases the brake by one notch
Add ability to set default loads for unnumbered sidings (e.g. coal mines, autorack facilities) in the Set Default Loads window (Alt-M). On maps where this takes effect, a message will be displayed regarding “Inconsistencies” in the loads commodity data as the data is updated.
Default load settings are now retained on unaffected sidings/car types when a map is changed.

Release V 5.031 – 21 April 2018

V5.031 Fix error when a hump slug is not adjacent to an engine (notably for Amtrak cab units simulated as “slugs”)
Add Tractive Effort readout in various windows
Increase version number display to show 3 characters
Trains should no longer forget target speed when the .wag is saved

Release V 5.03 – 18 April 2018

Add ability to upload files to multiple maps simultaneously. Files are automatically uploaded to the YM of each yard if multiple are selected; the user is prompted for yards with no YM. The pop-up selection box still appear if the user selects trains for one yard only
Locomotives now have more realistic physics, including Tractive Effort (TE) values
Yard Slugs, etc., are now functional as a result of the above
Allow comma/period (decel/accel by 1mph) to work at 0mph and 15mph
Remove minimum speed for train motion to be shown
Allow well cars to be made as single, non-articulated cars
Car History window now shows weight of empty cars
Add messages in chat window and map chat output when players log on, in addition to (optional) popup
Reduce speed on “Abort Exit” to 15mph
Fix some cases were switches could be moved under trains
Fix various inconsistencies with reported train weight and HP/T
Fix train weight in Block Summary window to be shown in tons, rather than lb
Fix error when train consisting of only unassigned cars exits a map
Fix error when user selects “Display Selected” in the connection map window with none selected
Fix error in exit dialog when the current yard appears twice in the route and is also the final yard
Fix long-standing issue with FYMYMRR file losing the RR for the last listed map
Allow YM Update player to view map requests in real time
Convert FYMHPTon config file to a .ini rather than .zip
Speed up checking and updating of config files on FYM start

Release V 5.03 Beta 11 – 12 April 2018

Fix selected train being forgotten on train exit
Fix loads for other car types being incorrectly shown in the Set Default Loads window
Fix of some cars not being assigned siding numbers on entry

Release V 5.03 Beta 10 – 9 April 2018

Fix caboose colour selection behaving oddly
Fix bug with variables related to Slugs not being set correctly
Fix incorrect treatment of a caboose as a loco, leading to odd behaviour
Attempt fix for switches occasionally being movable under trains after recently uncoupling
Add further checks when drawing mouseover text after a train has left, including pausing rendering
Reduce starting resistance of trains slightly
Remove minimum speed for train motion to be shown

Release V 5.03 Beta 9 – 7 April 2018

Fix bug when entering car types into block/hump setup
Fix error when opening List All window
Fix incorrect warning when trying to assign car marks to certain types of cars
Fix train weight display issue in Block Summary window
Make Train Exit window a little larger following reports of buttons not being visible
TE values entered into FYM config files, and locos now have accurate TE values – modern AC locos will be able to pull much more than older DC locomotives
Slugs are now functional

Release V 5.03 Beta 8 – 6 April 2018

Fix potential unusual behaviour in Big E window after refreshing the file list
Fix error when opening the Map UL button
Fix long-standing issue with FYMYMRR file losing the RR for the last listed map
Fix issue with some config files not being correctly identified as needing update
Fix rare bug caused by mousing over a train just before it exits
Add ability to upload files to multiple maps simultaneously. Files are automatically uploaded to the YM of each yard if multiple are selected; the user is prompted for yards with no YM. The pop-up selection box still appears if the user selects trains for one yard only.

Release V 5.03 Beta 7 – 5 April 2018

Fix rare out-of-bounds error when mousing over cars in filters 2-7
Fix out-of-bounds error when unloading certain car types
Fix yards listed for a given cartype being incorrect in the Hump/Block assignment window (key 9)
Fix error when selecting last locomotive in loco types list
Add additional check for overspeed cars, following recent attempt at new land speed record
Allow comma/period (decel/accel by 1mph) to work at 0mph and 15mph
Allow YM Update player to view map requests in real time

Release V 5.03 Beta 6 – 4 April 2018

Fix connection maps not being shown as needing updates
Fix error when opening newly downloaded maps
Fix bug with missing data in Train Information window for locos (Unit/History tabs)
Attempt to fix some occasional oddities in calculated train weight/HPT values
Attempt to speed up FYM loading and checking for updated config files

Note that this version includes a few FYMFTP.dll. This should be backwards compatible with older versions of FYM.

Release V 5.03 Beta 5 – 3 April 2018

Fix error when setting the load of a car twice.
Fix error message when opening saved CRS data.

Release V 5.03 Beta 4 – 3 April 2018

Fix bug where IM cars made via the “New” button were not correctly recognized as articulated cars.
Fix bug where the Set Default Loads window settings were not being saved/loaded correctly.
Fix humped cars accelerating away from the hump too slowly.
Allow well cars to be made as single cars, matching the prototypical existence of several thousand such cars.
Allow copying of blocks in the Block Assignment window on non-hump yards, in case users with to divide one block into two new ones without redefining all entires.
Add notification to beta users when new beta or full version is released.

Release V 5.03 Beta 3 – 2 April 2018

Fix bug when user selects “Display Selected” in the connection map window with none selected.
Fix bug when train consisting of only unassigned cars leaves through an exit.
Fixed empty cars incorrectly being shown as being “Loaded” in the Train Information window.
Car History window now shows weight of unloaded cars.
Fix bug where a yard was incorrectly determined as having had its UL values changed, causing default commodity loads to be reset.
Fix bug in Autorack and Roadrailer filters causing the list of yards handing these cars to be incorrect.

Release V 5.03 Beta 2 – 1 April 2018

Fix bug related to car types when .wag files are saved.
Fix bug related to car types when a locomotive is selected in the Train Information form.

Release V 5.03 Beta 1 – 31 Mar 2018

Fixed bug in exit dialog when the current yard appears twice in the route and is also the final yard.
Added messages in chat window and map chat output when players log on, in addition to (optional) popup.
Train dynamics modified to include more realistic operation, taking into account (estimated) tractive effort, power, and brake force. Further improvements/changes are likely to occur in the future.
Several internal changes to how car types, car loads, and loco types are handled. Please report any unusual behaviour.

Release V 5.02 – 31 Mar 2018

Fix erroneous “out of date” detection for FYMYMNames.ini

Release V 5.02 Beta 1 – 28 Mar 2018

added a space between car type and load when using the 1 filter.
simplified text to “loaded” for loaded cars with no load specified
simplified text for chat output of train up- and downloads
added support for MIM children to make siding numbers visible upon mouse rollover when using the 5 filter
The jpg-yrd-his and yrd-his buttons have been combined into a single button. If no files are downloaded, the button will simply download all. If files exist, the user is warned that their trains will be backed up. The user can then either redownload all, redownload track data, or cancel.
Yard download now works if a MIM is selected on Maps and Trains
MIM parents are now listed by name, not number, in the Maps and Trains.
FYM now recognises that a Map has been downloaded, removing e.g. the “***” marker.
Disused “Trains Wanted” feature removed. The forum can be used instead.
Newbie chat colour made more vibrant.
“Download All” on the Connection Maps window now includes undownloaded maps.
Multiple connection maps can now be selected by the user for download.
Chat color now updates instantly when changed.
The “Reduce CPU Usage” option is now removed, and is effectively set permanently (locks the framerate to the screen refresh rate)
The B hotkey (decrease throttle) now works correctly if a train is above 40mph, allowing the user to select 35mph or lower.
The “… has logged on” notification in maps works again. Option added to turn this off if desired.
Multiple clarifications and reduced verbosity for error / exit warnings
Fixed tutorial download from toolbar menu
Clarified button functions in YM Control window and trapped an error.

Release V 5.01 Beta 1 – 14 Mar 2018

Big Ernie works again
Wag save and restore work again
Local delivery now defaults to single state change: loaded cars will return unloaded by default.
Sunset date on this version set to 31 Aug 2018

Release V 4.50 – 25/05/2017

1. You can manually save and restore your WAG files via the Maps and Trains Server at any time during online game play. Menu > WAGs
2. Should you forget to do so then FYM will automatically save them for you as part of the logon process.
3. All changes to Hump setup files are automatically saved on the Maps and Trains Server as part of the logon process.

New YMs can request Hump files and/or WAG files from Justin (The VARailfan) following their successful application for a yard.

Beta V 4.402 – 19/04/2014

1. Bug fix – Route checks failures are terthered at every map not just the originating map.
2. Bug fix – Terthered trains re-entering the map no longer inhibit mouse or keyboard control of either themselves or other trains in the yard i.e. there is no need to close and re-open the map to regain full control of trains.
3. Multiple Hump Crests are now supported for Block checks. Cars either being re-humped or whose destination is applicable to be humped on more than one hump will assume the Block identity associated with the last hump crest used. This means that such cars may change the block to which they are initially assigned. The reassignment will occur as they uncouple at the crest. Players will see such car change colour, provided they have the block filter active (shift 3) and the colours of the two blocks are different. Cars leaving the map will lose this Block identity and will revert to the original (non-humped) one if they re-enter the map.
4. Run through interchange trains will not be classed as originating at the interchange map, for all but Route checks. They will lose this special status if they leave and re-enter the interchange map.

Beta V 4.401 – 13/04/2014

1. Bug fix – Bug with engines running light has been fixed (hopefully this time).
2. Change to the NoComp check – reference is made to the TSAR only and not the terminating yard.
3. Blocking of manifest trains – this requires a little more work to handle properly double hump crest yards and MIM’d maps. The checks will still be made but failures are for information only.
4. Local Delivery is being replaced by a much quicker and ‘cleaner’ option. Select an on map consist and press Ctrl J. This will do the same as a double state change LD. However, cars in the consist must be for the current map only. If MIM’d they must be for one of the component parts only. However, the consist can be anywhere on the map, including being in any of the MIMs.

Release V 4.40 – 31/03/2014

1. Bug fix – Bug with engines running light throwing a UE has been fixed.
2. Trains, leaving their source map, which fail 1 or more checks are saved as tr1 files re-entering map backwards. Any problems identified (press the Info button for details) should be rectified before attempting to dispatch train.
3. Trains, leaving any other map, which fail 1 or more checks may continue their journey.
4. A maximum of 2 unassigned cars are permitted. These must be the 1st and last freight cars on the train.
5. CP trains, identified as Freight & IM – most of the CP 2xx series, will be checked for HP/Ton as IMs (ie 1.8 HP/Ton minimum) if train more than 25% of the cars on the train are IM cars. Otherwise they will be checked as general freight trains (ie 1.0 HP/Ton).

Release V 4.39 – 31/12/2013

1. Bug fix – Bug with CSX trains carrying IM cars for BNSF yards is now fixed.
2. HP/Ton now displayed to 1 decimal place (in most cases).

Beta V 4.383 – 22/12/2013

1. Quit on the FYM Colour Selector now leaves the colour unchanged.
2. Mis-routes are now highlighted on the Exit Form (Route).
3. New Yards which have not yet made it into the TSARs are exempt from route checking for 10 days after posting date.

4. If any of the 5 checks fail i.e. turn red, for a new train leaving it’s source map, or an IM, Autorack or Roadrailer train leaving any map, then you should abort it’s exit and rectify the highlighted issue. If anyone wishes to query why they get a Block failure on a manifest train leaving it’s source map then you need to supply me with the copies of the following files (all in your /yards/ folder) – the train file or wag with train about to exit the map (and yrd file if you use a modified version), swt, set, nam and hcf files.

Beta V 4.382 – 09/12/2013

1. Bug fix – Bug with byeing trains is now fixed.
2. Temporary change – 2 is now the limit for unassigned cars.

Beta V 4.381 – 08/12/2013

This version introduces a number of checks on any train leaving a map. For now, the information is passed to the player via the form ‘FYM – Train leaving map ‘. There are 5 new labels (Block, Unass, Route, NoComp and HP/Ton), which will either be displayed in green (check Ok) or in red (check failed). If any fail then the ‘Save Train to HD’ button will be ‘light salmon’ in colour and the ‘Info’ button will be enabled. The checks are as follows: 1. Block check (Block). All IMs, Autoracks and Roadrailers must be blocked by yard. This is checked every time the train leaves a map. So adding cars at intermediate stations must be done by adding to existing blocks if appropriate. Blocks for other freight cars are checked using the Shift 3 filter data. Currently this check is performed only as the train leaves the initial (or source) station.
2. Unassigned cars check (Unass). A train with more than 1 unassigned car will fail this check. Currently 1 unassigned car is permitted to facilitate unit tank trains having a spacer car between the engines and the first loaded tank car. I am looking at better ways of allowing a spacer car.
3. TSAR or Route check (Route). This is as yet incomplete and is pretty much identical to warnings already given.
4. A ban on IM cars from competitor RRs (NoComp). This prohibits Railroads from carrying IM cars for their direct competitor. RRs are paired as follows BNSF & UP; CP & CN; NS & CSX. A 3rd RR will also be prohibited from carrying cars from any 2 direct competitors when that 3rd RR’s train terminates (including a Run Thru interchange) at one of the competitors maps. eg KCS ICLAT which terminates at Meridian NS Yard, MS cannot carry CSX cars.
5. Minimum HP/Ton check (HP/Ton). The HP/Ton is checked on leaving every map against a set of minimum values for different train types. Players should be careful when adding cars at intermediate stations that the minimum HP/Ton value is maintained.
6. The ‘INFO’ button will give more details on why your train has failed a check.

If you run your trains in the correct manner then the only change you should see is that others now do the same.

For now all the checks are simply informative in nature. Non carry any punitive action. However, if they continue to be ignored then I will implement code which will tie a ‘problem’ train to the map it is currently on.

Release V 4.38 – 27/10/2013

1. Shift 3 filter change: Block/Track numbers are now included with mouse over display for a car.
2. V4.38 will open maps created/finalised in FYM-Map V4.00.

Release V 4.37 – 24/08/2013

No further changes from Beta V4.3691
NB Buttons ‘Auto’ and ‘Save’ in the Blocks section on the Train Information form are non functional.

Beta V 4.3691 – 19/08/2013

1. Shift 3 replaces 1 as the default filter.
2. Shift 3 will now remain set when you change maps.
3. The ‘My Trains’ checkbox has been replaced by a ‘D/L my Trains’ button. This provides a one click function to download all trains posted to you, which were found either at startup or at the last Server file update i.e. pressing ‘List’ (with no check boxes checked), or unchecking any of the checkboxes.
4. This button will be green and enabled, if there are trains posted to you on the server.
5. In addition the number of trains posted to you will appear below the button.

Beta V 4.369 – 11/08/2013

1. This version now correctly handles removal, addition or changing list order of maps with IM, Auto or Roadrailer facilities.
2. If you are moving to this version from V4.367 or earlier, then you must follow the instruction given in 4.368 #2 below.
3. If you are moving from V4.368, then you do not need to delete any files (assuming that you had followed instructions in V4.368 #2, when you upgraded from V4.367 to V4.368.
4. If you continue to use 4.367 or 4.368, with the updated file (to be posted on Monday 12th), then you may find that you cannot open any maps.
5. If you are using the Release V4.36, then you need do nothing.
6. If you have used a Beta and now revert to the Release Version, then you will have to follow the instructions in V4.368 #2, before you use a Beta V4.369 or later or V4.37 when it is released.

Beta V 4.368 – 08/08/2013

1. Bug fix which prevented some maps from loading.
2. With FYM not running you should delete the following files: < ROOT >/server1/IMYardMasterColours.acf and all *.acf files in < ROOT >/server1/yards/ 

Beta V 4.367 – 07/08/2013

1. Bug which didn’t correctly save the Autorack filters has been fixed.
2. ‘Copy’ no longer copies the Yard colour.
3. Clicking on the column header for ‘Trains’ will sort data alphabetically (descending) using this column.
4. The Block filter (shift3) has been extended to include Roadrailers.
5. Setup and Operation is identical to that for Autoracks and IM cars – see below.
6. Font change for mouse roll over with shift 3.

Beta V 4.366 – 04/08/2013

1. Bug fix – information is now correctly displayed for IM cars when mouse ‘roll-over’ a car when using the shift 3 filter.
2. The Block Filter (shift 3) has been extended to include Autoracks, as well as increased functionality for IMs and Autoracks.
3. To set up each filter press shift i for IMs and shift a for Autoracks. NB shift i replaces the previous shift 9 function.
4. A copy function is now available: Select item to be copied and press Copy, then select item to copy to. Only train name and notes are copied.
5. Import will import you colour setup for Autorack and IM yards from your yards filter ‘3’ for the current yard.
6. You can have different colours and information for IM and Autorack cars for the same map.
7. Before using this Beta, you should delete the following files:
< ROOT >/server1/IMYardMasterColours.icf
and all *.icf files in < ROOT >/server1/yards/

Beta V 4.365 – 18/07/2013

1. Bug Fix – Delete Block now deletes the correct block on the form ‘FYM Edit Block’.
2. Bug Fix – Pressing Quit or ‘killing’ form no longer does an edit update on ‘FYM Edit Block’.
3. Bug Fix – Deleted blocks will no longer be displayed as coloured on the ‘Train Information’ form.
4. The filter shift 3 has been expanded. IM cars now have their own set up function (Autos and Roadrailers to follow).
4a. With a map open, Shift 9 will open the IM yard/train filter form.
4b. All IM yards are listed by Country/State/Province and coloured by Railroad.
4c. You can (and should) modify these colours and add text (in the Train and Notes fields)as appropriate.
4d. Simply click on an entry and use the coloured button and text boxes to add information as you wish).
4e. Press ‘Update’ to add this data to the list.
4f. You can if you wish use all the colours you have previously set for the yards filter. Simply press Import.
4g. To save your changes press OK. Pressing Quit or killing the form will discard all you changes.
4h. The shift 3 filter will display all IM cars (Autos and Roadrailers soon, but for now as set up for the yards 3 filter) as set up with the shift 9 function, and all general freight cars as set up by the 9 function. 4i. With the shift 3 filter active, then mouse roll over an IM car will display the following information: Car Mark, Destination Yard, Train (if set by shift 9) and any notes (if set by shift 9).

Item 4 is as yet incomplete. I shall be adding more functionality soon. But Beta V364 expires today hence I have released V365 early.

Beta V 4.364 – 30/06/2013

1. A new checkbox has been added to the Maps & Trains form. If checked it will list only those server trains posted to you.

2. A new feature ‘Blocks’ has been added to the Train Information form. This will enable coloured representation of Blocks within a train. A Block is defined as any number (minimum 2) of contiguous cars, which share a common identity with the context of the train. e.g. NS 132 (a manifest from Macon, GA to Bellevue, OH) usually runs with 3 blocks. Two are set off at Danville, KY.

3. The correct sequence for specifying blocks is as follows:
Build consist – Attach Engines – Set TSAR – Specify Blocks

4. To specify blocks:
4a. Open the Train Information (train can either be on or off a map).
4b. Select a number of contiguous cars (minimum 2), which form a ‘block’.
4c. Press ‘Set n’ (where n=number of next block) to mark these cars as belonging to Block n.
4d. The first element for each selected car in the train list will be coloured.
4e. Different colours are used for each block (maximum 10 blocks).
4f. Pressng ‘Set n’ will also display data for this block on a new Tab – ‘Blocks’.
4g. Continue like this until all blocks are defined.

5. You can now edit the blocks to add information and also to specify at which yard this information will be displayed.
5a. Pressing ‘Edit’ or doble clicking on any Block in the ‘Blocks’ Tab will open a form – ‘Edit Block’
5b. Select a Block, select a yard from the drop down list (only yards on this route are displayed – hence the need to set the TSAR before you set up the Blocks) and enter information in the text box at bottom of form. Press ‘Add Data’ to add data to your selected Block.
5c. ‘Del All’ and ‘Del Block’ will delete all Blocks or just the selected Block – this includes the block defination from the Train Information form.
5d. If you wish just to delete the yard reference and/or the notes, have the entries blank and press ‘Add Data’
5e. ‘Update’ will return you to the Train Information form and update the ‘Blocks Tab’ with any changes.
5f. To save the ‘Block’ data close the Train Information form in the usual way.

6. Notes added to a Block plus car numbers plus Block number will be displayed as the train enters a specified map.

7. To see the Blocks and their data then have the ‘Show Blocks’ checkbox – checked.

8. Blocks can also be displayed on the ‘Inbounds Form’ – checkbox located top right on form.
8b. Double clicking on any data line in the Train list will open the ‘Edit Block form in read only mode.

9. Occasionally an on map train or one in a tr1 file will be listed ‘backwards’. Such listings are ‘corrected’ as the train leaves the map (not for a tr1 file). Set up the blocks as normal. FYM will re-arrange this, including modifying the car numbers in each block, as train leaves the map. It is for this reason that you should not include car numbers in the notes field. Let FYM look after that for you.

10. Block data will survive through an accidental coupling of 2 trains and can be re-applied to the appropriate train, ONLY if you use the correct method for recovery. See Recover Train Information

Beta V 4.363 – 14/06/2013

1. A shift 4 filter has been added. This does exactly what shift 3 does, with the exception that it does not use the yard filter colours for autoracks.
2. FYM now supports using comma (,) as the decimal mark. 3. Internal changes to how FYM handles comodities. Affecting the following CRS Form, Set Default Loads Form (Alt M) & assigning default loads during car loading, Train Information Form – Assigning Loads to cars. These changes are done to prepare for the updated FYMCarLoads5.ini file. You should see no differences using your current data.

Beta V 4.362 – 26/05/2013

1. The Block Filter (shift 3) will now display the following car types coloured by yard (set up as if for a yards filter ie 3):
Wells, Spines, IM Flats, Autoracks & Roadrailers.

Beta V 4.361 – 19/05/2013

1. The Caboose creation process is once again fully functional.
2. A new version of uploadwags should now work with all versions of Windows.

Release V 4.36 – 03/05/2013

1. Selecting a MIM Child and then attempting to download map files will generate a warning message.
2. Significant changes to creating and editing car mark files (CMF) – see video ‘Make Car Mark Files Version 2.0’ for details.

Beta V 4.359 – 03/05/2013

1. With a map open ‘Alt T’ will tell you if new trains have been posted on the server to you, since you opened the map. This information is reset if you minimise or close the map.
2. Significant changes to creating and editing car mark files (CMF) – see video ‘Make Car Mark Files Version 2.0’ for details.

Beta V 4.358 – 29/04/2013

1. Quick fix. Append * to players username to use the attract attention (or wake up) function. eg ‘Hello Dragon27* you there?’

Beta V 4.357 – 28/04/2013

1. You can attempt to attract the attention of a non responsive player on chat by sending a message which must include his/her username (case sensitive). any characters appended to the username from a Beta should be ignored.
2. A prompt plus your message will appear on the map the player has open.
3. The prompt and message will flash red/green and will remain until one of the following occurs:
– The player responds from the ‘map chat line’.
– The player minimises the map.
– The player closes the map.
4. Please do not abuse this facility.

Beta V 4.356 – 12/04/2013

1. A bug with allocating siding numbers to cars of the same type and status but with different MIM destinations has been fixed.
2. A link to the video web page for FYM has been added under the menu item ‘FYM’s Web Site’

Beta V 4.355 – 31/03/2013

1. A bug with using both Primary and Secondary Car Marks has been fixed.

Beta V 4.354 – 23/03/2013

1. The logoff delay has been eliminated.
2. Trains with fewer engines on the ‘front’ than elsewhere are assumed to be running backwards and can be turned in the Inbounds Form.
3. You must be online when you run this version of FYM for the first time.

Beta V 4.353 – 20/03/2013

1. Changes to the ‘Save WAGs’ scheme as follows:
1a. WAG files for all ‘My Maps’ and maps where you are the YM, opened in the current FYM session are displayed on the ‘FYM Save WAG’ form with an off while (Linen) coloured bakground.
1b. After saving one or more WAG files the list is refreshed. If saved then previous off white entries are now displayed with a cyan background colour.
1c. The CLA ‘-SWAG’ is removed. WAG files for all opened maps on ‘My Maps’ list and maps where you ar the YM, and which have not been manually saved on the Server will be automatically saved as you log off. This may add a little delay to your logoff time. However, you can eliminate this delay by saving the WAGs manually after you have finished operating on that map, as you proceed through your FYM session.

Beta V 4.352 – 16/03/2013

1. Contigious cars of the same type and load status will be allocated the same siding number as they enter their destination map (any map in a MIM, if applicable).
2. Adding ‘-SWAG’ as a Command Line Argument will instruct FYM to automatically save (as you log off FYM) any ‘MyMaps’ wag file (see below) that has been written to during your current FYM session.

Beta V 4.351 – 22/02/2013

1. Menu item ‘WAGs’ has been added.
1a. There are 2 functions under this item – ‘Save Wags’ & ‘Restore WAG’
1b. ‘Save WAGs’ allows you to save a copy of any or all of your ‘My Maps’ wag files on the server. Simply select (Multiselect is supported) the wag files to be saved and press the ‘Save’ button.
1c. ‘Restore WAG’ allows you to restore any of your saved wag files from the server. Simply select (single selection only is supported) the wag file to be restored and press ‘Restore’. Your current wag will be saved as nnnn.bag and the server wag will be downloaded to become the active wag.
1d. The restore function is only available when no map is currently open.
1e. Players should save all populated and changed wag files at the end of each FYM session.
1f. You only need to download the wag if your local version gets corrupted.
1g. This compliments the existing wag backup scheme.
1h. Date/Times for your local wags are your local times. Date/Times for the server wags are either GMT (late October to late March) or BST (GMT +1) all other dates.
1i. Players should ignore any ‘Not Responding’ messages during WAG Save.
2. Bug Fix – Caboose creation is now working again.
3. Bug Fix – CTRL + Left mouse click to force a switch change is now working correctly i.e. CTRL key press is not remembered.
4. Bug Fix – Car Marks for non-articulated cars created on Map are now sourced from the correct file.
5. An alternative system for fueling engines and repairing both engines and cars is now available.
5.a To set it as your default system use the CLA ‘-NFF’. Only one system can be active at any time. To switch back and forth between this new system and the original system press ALT F when a map is open. The setting is maintained as you move from map to map.
5.b When you open a map if the new system is active then ‘Alternative Fuel & Repair Active’ will be displayed for a short time in top left corner of map.
5.c If you forget whether it is active or not then press ‘d’, with a map open. If ‘Alternative Fuel & Repair Active’ appears in top left corner then it is active. If it doesn’t then it’s not. Press ‘d’ again to dismiss the text.
5.d To use this method, move the units (at any speed) onto an appropriate fuel or repair track.
5.e Leave them in their current state for as long as you wish. Then with the stationary consist ‘selected’ press CRTL F to perform a refuel or repair on any suitable units in the consist.
5.f Only units which sit either completely or partially on the fuel or repair track will be fuelled or repaired.

Release V 4.35 – 09/02/2013

1. Internal changes to saving wag files.
2. Trains with empty B/O Passenger cars can leave the map, trains with serviceable but empty Passenger cars can not (see also notes #1-#3 Beta V 4.342). Thus B/O passenger cars should only be repaired on maps which have a station, so they can be loaded after repair. Alternatively delete the B/O car and replace with a new one. Again this can only be done on maps with a station.
3. See notes for Beta V4.341 to Beta V4.346 below, for details on the remainder of the changes.

Beta V 4.346 – 02/02/2013

1. ‘Create/Edit Car Marks’ replaces the ‘Import Car Marks’ function under the ‘Cars’ Menu item.
2. You can create Car Mark files as previously described – see V4.339 below. In addition you can load a Car Marks file and edit it (add or remove data).
2a. Data values are displayed in table #3.
2b. In addition all available data for that car type will be displayed in table #2.
2c. You can add data to table #3 by double clicking on the appropriate row in table #2.
2d. You can remove data from table #3 by double clicking on the appropriate row in table #3.
2e. Press ‘SAVE’ and choose a file name to save the data.
2f. It is recommended that you explore this function before you commit data so generated to an in game consist.
3. Commodities (if active) are now set if using the ‘alternative’ loading system (ctrl-L).

Beta V 4.345 – 29/01/2013

1. Bug fix – Moving to a new map via exit selection, having just run a train panel to panel on a multi-panel map no longer throws a UE.
2. Bug fix – Creation of on map mechanical/physical car variants now works.
3. Bug fix – UE no longer thrown at startup for V4.344 users who have not used the Car Mark functions in previous Betas.
4. Bug fix – Car Marks, auto applied to cars created on map are now from the correct file.

Beta V 4.344 – 26/01/2013

1. An ‘Invert Operation’ checkbox has been added to the ‘Import Car Marks’ form. If unchecked then all Marks listed are available to the generation function. Player may disable any by double clicking on them – any disabled will be highlighted in red. If ‘Invert Operation’ checkbox is checked then initially no Marks are available to the generation function. All will be highlighted in red. For the generation function to work, the Player must enable at least one Car Mark option by double clicking on it. Enabled options are no longer highlighted in red. Player may continue to add Car Marks by double clicking on them.
2. FYM will create a complete suite of default Car Mark files for use with the import function and car creation. Only marks on the ‘Primary’ list for each car type are used. Normally FYM will do this only once. Howerver, if you wish to force FYM to repeat this operation then simply delete the file ‘< ROOT >\server1\CarMarks\FB.cmx’ and restart FYM.
3. To set your own files as the default files, create files as appropriate using the ‘Import Car Marks’ function and use the ‘Set Default Files’ function. Both these functions are available under the ‘Cars’ menu item.
4. Files which are automatically created by FYM or are created using the ‘Import Function’ in V4.344 or later are tied to a specific car type.
5. CMF files created in earlier versions of FYM can no longer be used.
6. ‘Import’ is now the only option for assigning car marks on the ‘Train Information form’, hence the assistance provided in #2 above.
7. Changes to the car creation form:
7a. Layout Change. ‘Create & Cancel’ Buttons have been moved to the left. The default CMF file is displayed for the selected car type. A ‘Defaults’ button is added.
7b. Double clicking on the CMF name will allow you to change the file for the selected car type via an ‘Select File Form’. This selected file will remain the file associated with that car type until either you press the ‘Defaults’ button (returns all files to their default values) or you restart FYM.
7c. In the same way as on map car creation, only one car type can be selected on the ‘Create Cars’ form.
7d. When you create cars they will be allocated a randon car mark generated from the file listed on the ‘Create Cars’ form.
7e. The maximum number of engines you can create is now 30. The maximum number of cars you can create is now 500. Please use engine/car creation sensibility.
7f. Creating at least 1 engine excludes car and caboose creation. Creating at least 1 car excludes caboose creation.
8. Cars created on map will be allocated a randon car mark generated from the default file.
9. You can of course change the Car Marks generated during car creation, by using the ‘Import’ function on the train Information form.

Beta V 4.343 – 13/01/2013

1. Bug which may cause some alternative (un)load operations to behave incorrectly has been fixed.
2. The Available Exits combobox on the Inbounds Form reverts to it’s original format. PLEASE NOTE, if you type a value into this box it will be ignored in favour of the original exit number. Just simply select (with mouse) from the list of valid exits provided.
3. On Import Car Marks form ‘User Def’d’ populates the list to be saved with users selection of Car Marks. Mullti-extended selection is supported.

Beta V 4.342 – 23/12/2012

1. Passenger trains with empty cars (caused by originators failing to load them) will not be allowed to leave the map. If you currently have such a train, then you should do one of the following:
1.a If you have a Passenger Station on your map – set the cars to unassigned, then set them to your map – load them (CTRL L), then set to their proper destination.
1.b If you have no Passenger facilities then either upload train to someone (but not to me) who can and will change the un/load status for you, or uncouple the empty cars and delete them and send remainder on their way as normal.
2. ‘Backward’ running Hop-on/Hop-off (Ho Ho) run through trains will not now be able to leave the map.
3. An alternative system for (un)loading cars is now available for all cars except Passenger cars, IM cars and Roadrailers.
3.a To set it as your default system use the CLA ‘-NUL’. Only one system can be active at any time. To switch back and forth between this new system and the original u/l system press ALT Scroll Lock when a map is open. The setting is maintained as you move from map to map.
3.b When you open a map if the new system is active then ‘Alternative UL Active’ will be displayed for a short time in top left corner of map.
3.c If you forget whether it is active or not then press ‘d’, with a map open. If ‘Alternative UL Active’ appears in top left corner then it is active. If it doesn’t then it’s not. Press ‘d’ again to dismiss the text.
4. The new (un)Load system is similar in operation to (un)loading of Passenger Cars.
4.a Move the cars (at any speed) onto an appropriate (un)load track.
4.b Leave them in their current u/l state for as long as you wish. Then with the stationary consist ‘selected’ press CRTL L to perform a (un)load operation on any suitable cars in the consist.
4.c Only cars which sit either completely or partially on the (un)load track will be ‘worked’.
4.d It is not recommended that you use this system to (un)load unit trains of coal, grain, Open Hopper cars etc.
4.e Unlike Roadrailers there is no time delay on the (un)load operation, this is due in part to the possible need to switch between old and new schemes for 4.d above. However, such delays can be easily simulated by simply leaving the cars in place for the desired amount of time.

Beta V 4.341 – 04/12/2012

1. The Drop Down List for available exits on the Inbounds Form is now set so it cannot be typed into.
2. Turning a train on the Inbounds Form after you change the entry point no longer resets the entry point to the original value.
3. Trains on internal map connections are no longer flagged as ‘possible mis-routed trains’.
4. Setting Hump Yard Track assignments is disabled until at least 1 ‘route’ from crest to bowl is defined.
5. Layout change on the Import Car Marks form.
6. On Import Car Marks form ‘Use Primary’ populates the list to be saved with primary (most common & coloured green) Car Marks only.
7. ‘Use 2nd’ary’ populates the list to be saved with secondary (uncommon & coloured light pink) Car Marks only.
8. ‘Use Both’ – does just that.

Release V 4.34 – 26/11/2012

1. Full row select is now active when you double click on any entry in the middle list on ‘FYM Import Car Marks’.
2. The ‘Random’ function is no longer available to generate Car Marks on the Train Information form.
3. See notes for Beta V4.331 to Beta V4.339 below, for details on the remainder of the changes.

Beta V 4.339 – 22/11/2012

1. ‘Import Car Marks’ function has been added to the ‘Cars’ Menu item. This will load all the car marks, number range data from the file FYMCarMarks2.ini.
2. Double click on a car type to list all associated Car Marks.
3. Double click on a Car Mark to add it to your defined list.
4. Double click on a specific entry to remove it from the list.
5. It is recommended that you explore this function before you commit data so generated to an in game consist.

Beta V 4.338 – 21/11/2012

1. Bug which ignored a MIM Child on Route List on Inbounds Form is fixed. This same bug also erroneously reported possible misrouted trains, when inbound to a Child MIM.
2. Bug which could cause a train to be saved ‘backwards’ has been fixed.
3. CTRL + Mouse Left Click will force a switch change, even if the switch track segments are occupied.
4. An ‘Import’ Car Marks function has been added to the Train Information form. This will apply random car marks from a user specified list to be applied to ‘like’ cars (including physical and mechanical varients).
5. To setup the lists click on Menu>Cars>Create Car Marks.
On the form which opens, enter the Mark and the number range in the 3 text boxes (Coloured cyan) and press ‘Add Data’.
To remove a previously added entry, simply double click on it. To clear the input fields before entry press ‘Clear Input’.
When finished with data entry, press ‘Save’ to save to a file of your choice.
To return to edit a file , press ‘Load’ and select file.
6. To apply these marks to cars, open the Train Information form, select at least one car (or complete consist if articulated cars) and press ‘Import’.
Press ‘Load’ to open a previously saved car marks file.
Press ‘Generate’ to create a list of random car marks from your defined input.
Assuming that each Mark, number range entry is unique then each random car mark generated will be unique within that generated set.
You can temporarily exclude a Mark and number range for the current generated set by double clicking on it (It will be highlighted in red). Double clicking on such a dataset for a second time will once again include it in the generation process.
Press ‘Save’ if you wish to save your input data, which may contain one or more excluded data sets.
Press ‘Apply’ to apply the generated car marks to the selected cars and close the ‘Import’ form.

Beta V 4.337 – 7/11/2012

1. A bug in V4.335 which erronously reported that a tr1 file was corrupt in the Inbounds Form has been fixed.
2. MIM Children maps are included on the ‘My Maps’ list in the CRE Set Up Form.

Beta V 4.336 – 3/11/2012

1. The image is not reloaded when a train runs between panels on a multi-panel map. (Included again following removal in V4.335).
2. Misroute warnings on train exiting a map have been changed to include aborting train exit. Players who get such a warning should abort train exit and correct the problem, rather than passing the problem train onto the next player.
3. Possible misrouted trains are highlighted on the Inbounds Form.
4. Trains ‘appearing’ at a potential incorrect exit because of a misroute problem will have available, this exit plus either all valid exits which connect to the previous yard listed in the TSAR, or to all valid exits which connect to previous yard, if previous yard is not listed in TSAR (e.g. new yard and TSAR not yet updated).

Beta V 4.335 – 3/11/2012

1. ‘Turn’ Button on Inbounds Form is enabled for all new Trains.
2. ‘Abort Train Exit’ button is available on Exit Form. If clicked, then Train will immediately reverse at 30mph. Train will become the ‘Selected Train’ for immediate control. Display will be moved to make Train’s entry point visible.
3. The change in V4.333 is removed. There is a problem when running to a Child map in a MIM, which I have yet to fix.

Beta V 4.334 – 28/10/2012

1. Corrupt file UEs now handled on Inbounds Form (Errors 69000 & 69001). Follow on screen instructions.
2. On Inbounds Form, all ‘live’ exits are valid for terminating trains (does not include run through interchange trains). Note LD Only exits are not ‘live’. However, they can be made ‘live’ by assigning a connection to themselves.
3. Turn Button on Inbounds Form is enabled for trains where 1st unit is not an Engine and for Terminating trains (not interchange trains).

Beta V 4.333 – 26/10/2012

1. The image is not reloaded when a train runs between panels on a multi-panel map.

Beta V 4.332 – 22/10/2012

1. Handles an issue caused by using the utility ‘carrename.exe’ on off map cars and then trying to run them onto a map.
2. If you have a copy of this utility please do not send copies to other players. It’s functionality (or similar) will be incorporated into FYM.

Beta V 4.331 – 21/10/2012

1. Access to FYM’s Forum available via one click Menu Item.
2. Bug fix on CRS form. Listing Yards alphabetically now returns the correct result.
3. Change on Inbounds Form – Exit selection is via drop down list no longer a user typed value.
4. Bug fix – for cars, Mechanical/Physical Variants now behave the same way as the Primary car both for The ‘Block’ filter (shift 3) and when humped.

Release V 4.33 – 06/08/2012

See notes for Beta V4.321 to Beta V4.328 below. 

Beta V 4.328 – 27/07/2012

1. Passenger cars are now correctly listed in the Map U/L form.
2. NDS sidings are now correctly identified independant of car’s loaded status.

Beta V 4.327 – 19/07/2012

1. In some circumstances the Primary RR was not displayed in the car Destination list on the Train Information form. This has now been fixed.
2. It is no longer possible for loaded car destinations to be set (randomly or otherwise) to a MIM ‘relative’ of the source map.

Beta V 4.326 – 14/07/2012

1. Exit numbers used by trains entering or leaving maps are now recorded in the ‘Car Histories’.
2. Players not wishing to use the ‘ACA’ function should use the CLA ‘-XACA’.

Beta V 4.325 – 05/07/2012

1. Siding numbers for cars exist only while cars are in their destination map (=Parent or any Child in a MIM).
2. They are assigned randomly from a set of applicable siding numbers as a car enters it’s destination map for the first time. This has not changed from before.
3. However, siding numbers can now be edited while the car is on it’s destination map.
4. With the consist on the map open the Train Information form.
5. Select cars to be edited and then select siding number from the drop down list (in Siding # group box – bottom right on Train Information form) to apply the change.
6. The siding number list is produced from the first selected car in the consist list. NB this is not necessarily the first car you click on.
7. Selected cars which do not match the type and un/loaded status of the first car are ignored. Even if the siding you select is an dual un/load siding.
8. Mechanical/Physical variants are treated as being identical to the Primary Industry Specific car.
9. It is important to note that the use of siding numbers is entirely optional and players can un/load a car at any siding which handles that car type.

Beta V 4.324 – 23/06/2012

1. Bug fix. More bugs to follow.
2. Map opening information text repositioned to avoid overlap.

Beta V 4.323 – 22/06/2012

1. Sidings with Passenger cars, Intermodal Cars, Autoracks or Railroaders are not valid for Automatic Commodity Assignments (ACA).
2. If you try to use ACA (Alt M) on a map with no valid loading sidings. The form will not open and you will get the following message.
This map contains no suitable general freight sidings for automatic commodity assignments.
3. If the map contains more than one instance of a siding number then unless the cars loaded by each are identical, then
the Set Default Loads form will not open with Alt M and you will get the following message:
There is more than one instance of the following sidings: 1 2 3 and the car types handled are different.
The map needs to be corrected such that similarly numbered sidings handle identical car types.
4. If the track segments which load cars or indeed the car types themselves are changed then you will get the following message:
There are inconsistancies between the saved ‘load commodities data’ and this yard file.
Therefore, the saved data will be replaced by default data based on this yard file.
You should reset the Commodities to be loaded on each siding as you wish.

Beta V 4.322 – 18/06/2012

1. Bug fix. 

Beta V 4.321 – 17/06/2012

1. Hump Siding/Block assignments have been increased (considerably) beyond the previous limit of 150. If you approach the new limit, a warning is output and all new assignments are disabled.
2. Primary RR is now output on the Car Destination list on the Train Information form.
3. There is an option to limit the Source Maps to those listed in MY Maps in the CRS form.
4. Automatic Commodity assignment on loading tracks.
4a. With the map open press ALT + M . This will open a dialog which lists sidings, car types an commodities.
4b. Select a siding – all car types handled at that siding will be listed.
4c. Select a car type. All available commodities available for that car type will be listed.
4d. Double click a commodity to set that as the loading default for that car type.
4e. This commodity will be assigned to that car type when it is loaded on any track segment associated with that siding.
4f. FYM will automatically associate track segments with different sidings according to the following:
4f1. If only one numbered siding is associated with loading a specific group of car types, then all similar track segments will be grouped with that siding number.
4f2. If more than one numbered siding is associated with loading a specific group of car types, then all contiguous track segments will be grouped with each siding number.
4f3. Remaining contiguous track segments are associated with the numbered segment which is nearest to their mid-point.
4g. If you find that FYM does not allocate the segments correctly then in the first instance you should modify the map to better comply with one of the above.

Release V 4.32 – 11/05/2012

1. A Synchronise button has been added to the Maps & Trains Form. This will automatically create a My Maps list consisting of maps at which you are the Yard Master.
2. Changes to the window header text when a freight train is selected. ‘Locos’ now become ‘e’; ‘loaded cars’ becomes ‘ld’; ’empty cars’ becomes ‘mt’.

Release V 4.317 – 07/05/2012

1. FYM now handles correctly Passenger trains which terminate at a Child MIM.

Release V 4.316 – 01/05/2012

1. Bug fix with multi-crest Hump Yards,introduced in V4.315.

Release V 4.315 – 29/04/2012

1. Big E messages are now limited to a maximum of 3 recipients.
2. Changes to COPY Track assignments for a Hump Yard. See HELP on the form, FYM – Assign Classification Tracks.

Beta V 4.314 – 21/04/2012

1. CRS FIX. CRS data can now be assigned to the Mechanical/Physical Car Variants.

Beta V 4.313 – 12/04/2012

1. Commodities can now be applied to loaded cars. However, any such cars then handled by a player not using this Beta will have the commodity listing removed.
2. Customised Rail Service (CRS) is once again available.

Beta V 4.312 – 22/03/2012

1. You can now have a single colour file for all car types which can be used across all yards even when you have yard specific colour files for States, Yards and Railroads.
Create as follows:
1a. Open the Yard, State,Railroad & Car Colours form.
1b. Edit the car colours.
1c. Click on Create GC File. This saves your car colours edit as and creates FYMColours.gcf file. The existance of the latter forces FYM to load whenever you open a map even if the map specific file exists.
1d. To edit the single colour file for car types, select FYMColours.ycl as the SOURCE file.
1f. To save the single colour file for car types, select FYMColours.ycl as the TARGET file.
1e. Click on Delete GC File. This removes FYMColours.gcf.
2. Yards are now colour coded for ease of identification in YM Control.
2a. Additional checkbox filters (map Filters B) are available to further refine your searches.
2b. You can select any number of these filters.
2c. Press Find or a Map Filter A Button to activate the search.
2d. Hover mouse over any filter to get information about it’s function.

Beta V 4.311 – 04/03/2012

1. The Track Assignments field for the Hump/Block set up has been widened and a Horizontal Scroll Bar added to accommodate the longer car names now in use.
2. The yrd file audit function ‘Confirm upto date yrd files’ now handles MIM Children correctly. This function will only work if no map is open. It may take a few moments to run, depending on how man yrd files you have. Use it to find which yrd file updates you have not yet downloaded, without having to open individual maps.

Release V 4.31 – 29/02/2012

1. This fixes a bug which may cause FYM to crash when you activate the ‘Block Filter’ shift+3 on a map where there are fewer cars than you have colour blocks defined.

Release V 4.30 – 25/02/2012

1. This version aligns FYM with the new car types specified in the revision of all maps.
2. GS Tanks, Gondolas, Open and Closed Hoppers are automatically converted to an Industry specific type (if appropriate). 3. Loaded and Unloaded cars are treated separately.
4. It treats MIM’d components separately.
5. It does all conversion in a single pass.
6. It works only on cars in the yard of their final destination.
7. It checks car type and changes it (if appropriate) on every train as it is run onto a map and on every train on the map during a wag read.
8. The changes are made before siding number allocations on inbounds – so siding numbers should be correct. But siding numbers for trains already on the map may not be correct.
9. If a revised map no longer handles car type & status (un/load) then car is setto be empty and unassigned.
10. If a revised map still handles a GS car then no change is made.
11. If the source yard does not handle the new type then the car is set to unassigned when unloaded.
12. All identical cars in a train (= group of coupled cars from 1 to …) are converted to a single randomly chosen type handled by that yard. eg GS Tanks –> Some variant of Tank if handled by that yard, etc.
13. The second un/load index for all cars is set =1. This removes the generic un/loading of cars eg previously any Box car would un/load on a GS Box car siding. Now only GS Box cars will un/load on such a siding.

14. Players should assume that a new wag file is needed for every map revised.
15. The correct sequence for updating a map is as follows:
15a. Open Map – get New Version required message
15b Close Map
15c. Extract Trains – Menu>Map>Extract Trains (the wag with all trains still in it is saved to ‘trains/TrainsExtracted’). IM cranes will not be extracted.
15d. Download new map files – yrd & his button
15e. Open Map – creates new wag file.
15f. Run trains back onto map.

16. Players should examine their revised maps using FYM’s ‘Map Siding List’ – hotkey ‘M’. Any sidings for General Service Tanks, Gondolas, Open Hoppers and Closed Hoppers which are listed as ‘NDS’ (No Defined Siding), should be treated as a possible map revision error. Usually such sidings will be isolated track segments which have not been converted to Industry Specific cars. If an error is confirmed then contact the Regional Map PLan owner with details.

Release V 4.22 – 31/12/2011

1. Bug fix – Hump issue with cars needing washed has been fixed.
2. Restart chat session – if chat ‘dies’ then close chat window and press Ctrl R to restart chat session. 3. Car Loads are temporarily suspended – all will be automatically removed from car data and cannot be reset. Players should ensure that all their trains have the car loads removed (reset is done when a map is open, a train enters a map or when the Train Information form is opened for a specific train.
4. Customised Rail Service (CRS) files are now invalid and will be removed.
5. CRS is temporarily disabled.
6. Train running restrictions introduced for non-registered players.
7. Train file download restrictions introduced for new players.
8. The sequence for loading passengers at a ‘source station’ of Unassigned Cars –> Cars assigned for source station (select consist and press ‘H’) –> Ctrl L (to initiate the loading) is now strictly enforced.

Release V 4.21 – 29/10/2011

1. Bug fix – the unhandled exception when cars are created on a siding where the entry switch is at mid-point and all track segments are set to un/load , is now handled.
2. The automatic internal change of car type from the old to the new is now removed.
3. Some fields within list are now widened to accommodate the new car names.
4. An export button is added to the form Assign Classification Tracks. This will create a text file which lists all assignments by track/block. The data can be imported into a spreadsheet – the data separator is @.

Release V 4.20 – 01/10/2011

1. Bug fix in the Assign Classification Tracks the group Car/Yard/Status/Siding now lists the correct yards for a particular status of a car (any, loaded, empty).
2. Part of the Yard Data Monitor associated with numbers of specific car types un/loaded has been disabled (temporary measure).
3. This version supports a host of new ‘Industry Specific’ car types. See Help –> Car Types for details.
4. Car names, lengths and weights have also been revised.

Release V 4.08 – 27/09/2011

1. Bug fix in the Railroad colours file reads.

Release V 4.07 – 09/09/2011

1. The Show Only selection on the Block Filter list will now survive a wag file save.
2. Maps with u/l values different to those in the ini file will close after 1 minute. Inbound trains and car creation on sidings will also be disabled. Follow the onscreen instructions to rectify.

V 4.067 – 04/09/2011

1. TSARs opened in read only mode via Menu Item TSARs will be closed if you open the Inbounds Form.
2. OAF (Old and Forgotten) option is once again available on the Maps & Trains form. Any file > 9 days old will be listed.
3. The number of days since posting will also be listed against any file displayed using the OAF filter.
4. When you select any server file the number of days since posting will also be displayed on the basic file information – bottom right on Maps & Trains form.
5. Turntables can now be moved/stopped by using either Scroll Lock or > for clockwise rotation or Pause Break or < for anti-clockwise rotation.
6. Internal changes associated with TrainFinder. Please note – the current version of TrainFinder will not work – new version to follow shortly.

V 4.066 – 30/08/2011

1. Further changes to the Block List. See Help –> Colour Filters for details.

V 4.065 – 25/08/2011

1. Route miles at every Station are now output on the TSAR, Inbound and Train Leaving Map forms.
2. The number of unassigned cars in the consist is displayed on the Train Information form.
3. When using the Block Filter – cars which do not get assigned to a block and appear white will have their identity plus their destination displayed during mouse roll over.
4. Changes to the Block List. See Help –> Colour Filters for details.

V 4.064 19/08/2011

1. Hump set up – Yards listed in the Car/Yards/Status/Siding filter are now only those which satisfy the Car type and Status selected.
2. Colours can be changed on the Colour Selector either by using the sliders or entering the RGB values – range 0-255.
3. Route miles at every Station are now output on the Train Information form.

V 4.063 17/08/2011

1. Changes to the Car Blocks Colour Filter for Autoracks and IM Flat cars. These will no longer be coloured white if they satisfy a Block search criteria of either car/yard/status/siding or car.
2. Changes to Hump rules for Autoracks and IM Flats. These cars will only be tested for either car/yard/status/siding or car.. Cars not satisfying either of these criteria will be sent to the others track.
3. The Help pages for both Colour Filters and Hump Yard Set Up Part II have been updated to include these changes. 

V 4.062 13/08/2011

1. When downloading updates to the Connection Maps, you can choose to Download either INDIVIDUALLY (as in previous versions) or ALL. Just click on the relevant Button.
2. A new colour filter ‘Car Blocks’ has been added. See Help –> Colour Filters for details.

V 4.061 17/07/2011 & V 4.0611 31/7/2011

1. Bug Fix – In TSAR Data Recovery replacing the current TSAR reference with one from a different RR would result in the data for the original RR being erroneously displayed. However, the correct TSAR reference was saved and the correct data would be displayed the next time the Train Information dialog was opened. This has now been fixed and the relevant TSAR database is read whenever the TSAR source is changed.
2. Bug Fix – For Hump Yards with more than 1 Hump Crest, double clicking on the siding list for Hump Crest N (N>1) would always block/unblock a siding associated with Crest #1. This has now been fixed.

Release V 4.06 – 02/07/2011

1. Cars which enter a map for a second time (e.g. a multi-panel single or MIM’d map) no longer have their siding numbers re-assigned.
2. A new file FYMCarMarks.ini will be downloaded at startup. This will be used in a future version of FYM.

V 4.053 11/06/2011

1. Similar car types (e.g. 2, 3 and 4 Bay Covered Hoppers) are now listed as a single item.
2. The Map Siding List (MSL) form is now displayed with an opacity value of 100%.
3. The MSL form will be minimised when you operate the ‘GOTO’ function. To re-display it, either click on the minimised form or press ‘m’.
4. Car types which are handled by the yard but for which no siding number is used (e.g. IM cars) are now also listed but with ‘NDS’ in the Loads at and/or unloads at columns. The ‘GOTO function for such cars has no meaning.

V 4.052 29/05/2011

1. Sidings are now listed in ascending numerical order.
2. Siding numbers are listed only once (per car type) independent of how many times they appear on the map.
3. The form is now displayed with an opacity value of 75%.
4. A ‘GOTO’ fnction has been added. Selecting a siding from the drop down list will change the map display such that the selected siding is now mid screen (subject to the sidings position relative to the maximum image dimensions and screen resolution).
5. Where there are multiple instances of a siding then the X-Y position of the last found in the yard file will be used.

V 4.051 27/05/2011

1. Change to assigning cars to the current yard using ‘Hotkey’ H removes issue some may have had when trying to assign IM cars with a non-yard engine attached to the consist.
2. Change to how random sidings are assigned. A check is made as train enters a map and any cars with incorrect siding numbers will have sidings reassigned. All cars bound for that map will have sidings allocated with the exception that any car destined for that map but not handled by that map will have no siding number set.
3. Pressing ‘Hotkey’ M with a map open will produce a list by car type of all sidings that car can (un)load at. Cars for which numbered sidings are not used (eg Autoracks IMs, etc) will not be listed.

Release V 4.05 – 24/03/2011

1. The statstics files for Yard Data are now listed in chronological order, with the latest you have being opened by default.
2. A new item has been added to FYM’s menu bar – ‘FYM’s Web Site’. This reproduces the links to all the web pages from
3. If also includes a link to the version History web page.
4. Those items which are available of have been removed from the Help menu list.
5. A bug with cars billed erronously to yards which do not handle then has been fixed.

V 4.0432 – 18/03/2011

1. V4.0432 changes the way in which ‘Billed’ yards are set. This applies to new cars or to cars where the ‘Bill’ yard is not currently set or where the ‘Bill’ yard is to be changed.
2. You can ‘Bill’ an empty car provided your yard unloads this car type.
3. You can ‘Bill’ a loaded car provided your yard loads this car type.
4. For all yards but especially for MIM’d maps, the ‘Billed’ yard will be the yard at which this car last changed it’s loaded state (i.e was unloaded or loaded).
5. If your yard only unloads a certain car type then assign ‘Bill’ when the car is empty.
6. If your yard only loads a csrtain car type then assign ‘Bill’ when the car is loaded.
7. If your yard both loads and unloads a car type then set ‘Bill’ when the cars state is how you intend to dispatch it. i.e. if you intend to dispatch this car empty then se ‘Bill’ when it is empty. If you intend to dispatch this car loaded then set ‘Bill’ when it is loaded. If you set ‘Bill’ on an empty car and then load that car the ‘Bill’ will be removed.
8. If you have cars which have been unloaded at yard A and you now wish them to be ‘Billed’ to yard B (either loaded or empty as appropriate) then do the following
8a. Move the cars to Yard B. Or to it’s parent or a sibling map if MIM’d
8b. Select the cars in the Train Information form.
8c. Cars must be ‘unassigned’ in order to proceed. Press’Unassigned’ if needed and re-select the cars. 8d. Press ‘Change Source’. This will set the selected yard (B) as the yard where the car changed it’s loaded state.
8e. Proceed as above to ‘Bill’ the cars to yard B, either as empty or loaded.
9. If you try and ‘Bill’ cars to a map which doesn’t handle that car type and state then your request will simply be ignored.

V 4.0431

1. V4.0431 fixes a bug in V4.043 where some players were seeing ‘Q’ trains listed on startup.
2. It also should help those players who have been experiencing problems with downloaded trains remaining on the server. However, if this download issue persits then add ‘-UAD’ as a Command Line Argument to your shortcut target path.
3. There is also an extra CLA ‘-GFO’, which should be used if you currently have issues displaying the train files correctly at startup.