Freight Yard Manager (FYM) is a multiplayer, interactive rail operations simulator

FYM uses a 2D overhead view of freight yards and rail-served industry using satellite images as a background. An extensive network links maps and simulates the rail network of the US and Canada. Each player controls individual maps, and players pass trains among maps.

Classifying cars at yards is just one of the operations that FYM offers. FYM yardmasters also run mainline trains, load and unload unit coal and grain trains, switch cars at industrial sidings, and load and unload intermodal cars. Cars are loaded and assigned destinations, then routed by players. There are no fixed rules as to what players do with the cars they handle, and FYM yardmasters cooperate to develop the simulation.


FYM is a team game, although informal and variable. All players who have maps between a train’s source and destination are part of a team.

Players have complete control of trains while the trains are on their maps. Operation may be a simple run through of the train to the next map or it may require reblocking or classifying the cars on the train, setting out and picking up cars, or switching local cars while trains roll by on the mainline.

Players then pass the train to the next yardmaster on the train’s route (by uploading the train to the Maps & Trains server) for them to work the train before they then also pass it on. In this way, trains moves across the network following actual routes and operations.


Prototypical operations including hump yards, and intermodal yards, shops, and more.

Integrated online chat and an integrated server for passing trains among players.

Over 1000 maps available in Canada & USA with frequent edits and additions to simulate the modern network.

Authentic sounds including functional hotbox detectors.

Prototypical loading and unloading of freight cars.

All Class I railroads are included plus more than 200 regional and shortline railroads.

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11
Disk space – FYM can be played with as little as 100MB of hard drive space
FYM should run on all processors and graphics cards on modern Windows machines

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