Install or Update FYM

Current Release: V5.11.5 (8 Jan 2022)

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FYM Installer – V5.11.5
It is not recommended that you install FYM to any of the following locations:

  • A folder in the ‘Program Files’ folder structure (due to security constraints in Windows).

Download FYM Installer

Beta Version

The Beta provides an opportunity to try and comment on the latest developments in FYM before they are officially released.

WARNING: Beta versions are likely to contain bugs, and may result in loss of train and yard data. It is suggested that only experienced users who are familiar with FYM’s file backup features use Beta versions.

No beta currently released.

Optional Downloads

FYMMap – V5.5.9 (14 October 2021) – use to create maps for FYM.
Extract file to FYM’s [ROOT] folder. FYM must already be installed.