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A locomotive, car, or caboose that is marked as Bad Order (BO) has been damaged, and requires repair at a Repair Track. When a train enters a map with bad ordered vehicles, a warning is displayed.

FYM does not simulate the multitude of minor defects that railroads handle with quick repairs, often while the train waits.

FYM's Bad Order designation means the car is unsafe to move and requires immediate attention.


Vehicles may become bad ordered either randomly or through a collision. Random bad orders only occur for cars.

Random bad orders

Damage can occur to a car simply through normal wear and tear. Wheels, axles, and bearings wear out and need replacing, brakes must be kept carefully adjusted, and car bodies rust over time. When travelling between maps, a car may randomly be declared bad order. The chance that a car becomes broken depends on the distance between the maps, and also how many miles the car has traveled. The base rate is 0.01% per thousand miles, which increases to 1% per thousand miles after 200,000 miles of travel.

Locomotives and cabooses are not affected by random bad orders.


If two trains couple at more than 20 mph, they become damaged due to the excessive forces (and, in real life, would likely derail). The two vehicles at the ends of the trains that meet will be damaged, and require repair.


Cars that are bad ordered cannot be loaded until they are repaired.

If a sort with the special Bad Order filter is specified in the sort filters (see Color_Filters, bad ordered cars will be allocated to that sort instead of the sort they would normally be assigned to.

Locomotives that are damaged will not provide any power until repaired. A train with no working locomotives will be unable to leave the current map until the locomotives are repaired or extra locomotives are attached.

Repairing bad orders

Vehicles can be repaired by driving them over a Repair Track at 15 mph or less. Maps with repair facilities are indicated on the Connection Maps by the letter "R". In general, cars should only be repaired at car shops and locomotives at engine shops.

List of Maps with Car Shops (work in progress)
By Railroad By State
BNSF California
Barstow, Barstow Yard, CA Barstow, Barstow Yard, CA
Los Angeles, Hobart Yard, CA (TTX cars only) Los Angeles, Hobart Yard, CA (TTX cars only)
Galesburg, Galesburg Yard, IL Los Angeles, West Colton, CA
Kansas City, Argentine Yard, KS
Tacoma, Tacoma BNSF Yard, WA (TTX Cars only) Illinois
Vancouver, Vancouver Yard, WA Chicago, Calumet Yard, IL
Canadian National E. St. Louis, Madison Yard, IL
Toledo, Lang Yard, OH Galesburg, Galesburg Yard, IL
Canadian Pacific Kansas
St. Paul, Pig's Eye Yard, MN Kansas City, Argentine Yard, KS
CSX Kentucky
CSX Nashville, Radnor Yard, TN Louisville, Youngtown Yard, KY
Norfolk Southern Minnesota
Chicago, Calumet Yard, IL St. Paul, Pig's Eye Yard, MN
Louisville, Youngtown Yard, KY Ohio
Portsmouth, Portsmouth Yard, OH Portsmouth, Portsmouth Yard, OH
Chattanooga, Debutts Yard, TN Toledo, Lang Yard, OH
Bluefield, Bluefield Yard, WV Tennessee
Union Pacific Chattanooga, Debutts Yard, TN
Los Angeles, West Colton, CA Washington
Shortlines Vancouver, Vancouver Yard, WA
TRRA E. St. Louis, Madison Yard, IL West Virginia
Bluefield, Bluefield Yard, WV