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Track in FYM is colored to indicate various special features. These include sidings that load and unload cars, facilities for fueling locomotive, car repair tracks, and hump yards.

Track types in detail

Normal track

A rather unexciting track type, normal track is displayed as a black line on a dark grey background. Trains are restricted to 40mph on normal track, and it has no special effects.

Mainline Track

Mainline track is colored brown, and is used to indicate the main routes through a map. It allows trains to proceed at up to 60mph. Mainline track is also used to identify every fourth track in yards, as a useful visual aid.


Sidings may either load cars (purple), unload cars (green), or both (orange). Sidings are often assigned a number, which is displayed over the siding (labels can be toggled by pressing "T"). When a car of the correct type destined for the current yard is driven over a siding at 15mph or less, it will be loaded or unloaded as appropriate.

By default, Intermodal cars are handled differently, requiring an Intermodal Crane to be driven over them. Passenger cars will only be (un)loaded when Ctrl-L is pressed (providing they are on a suitable siding), and Roadrailer cars are unloaded with Ctrl-U and loaded with Ctrl-L.

Specialty Tracks

FYM also has several types of specialty tracks that play an important role in the game: